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Becoming a Client

Not all accountants are the same and your business could benefit greatly from changing.

Transferring to Statton & Co from your current accountant is simple.

Make contact with your current accountant using our letter template to tell them you wish to transfer to Statton & Co. When we receive notice from you this has been carried out we will contact your previous accountant and obtain the details we need from them..


After you have informed us that you have told the previous accountant that you are leaving as a client we will write a ' Clearance ' letter to the old accountant. This will inform them that we are the new accountants and are now handling your accounts and Tax affairs. The letter also asks for copies of your latest prepared accounts, Tax returns and associated working papers. Your old accountant should respond to the letter acknowledging that they know of no reason why we should not accept the engagement and include all of the requested accounts.

When clearance has been received we will have all of the information needed to begin preparing your accounts and Tax returns from your books and records.


We will engage you as a client. This means we will ask you to sign an engagement letter which outlines the services we will provide to you, the records you are required to keep and your grievance procedure etc.

You will be asked to confirm your identity and place of address to meet with money laundering regulations.

You will be asked to sign a 64-8 form which authorises us to act as your new accountants and to speak with HM Revenue & Customs regarding your Tax affairs. Once the engagement letter and 64-8 have been signed, returned and identification has been completed we can then begin to act for you as your accountant.

Click here to download our simple word template to becoming a new client

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