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Owner Managed Businesses

We provide a full range of services to owner managed businesses, particularly Small and Medium sizes enterprises (SME’s) who usually are Owner Managed Businesses (OMB’s)

We can provide managers and directors with financial, tax and compliance advice. Through expirence of our own business growing, so we recognise the challenges, risks and strategic decisions that growth my bring for you.

Small businesses typically grow organically. Set up by the owner, gradually new employees are recruited, roles are delegated and the company expands. However at some point problems will be encountered - cash flow issues, a fall in profits, funding requirements etc.

A business owner needs an accountant and adviser to oversee their finances; to coordinate an approach to problems; to liaise with banks or funders; to provide a sounding block for new ideas; and to provide a strategic overview. Unfortunately the relationship that most businesses have with their accountant does not operate in this manner. The relationship tends to be distant with the accountants providing little other than year end accounts and tax returns. It doesn't have to be like this.

At Statton and Co Chartered accountants we believe in a close, hands-on relationship where advice is proactive rather than reactive and the advice is strategic rather than merely in relation to accounting compliance.

Statton and Co Chartered Accountants work with small businesses across a range of sectors. We provide real business input ,strategic support and financial direction on a consulting basis and at times which it suits the client and their business.

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